$1600 Two channels racked with internal mains and 48V phantom power supplies. Please ask for pricing on modifications and any desired special features.


  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • Up to 76 dB gain in 6dB increments
  • Gain fine tuning adjustment knob up to 10dB
  • Selectable high pass filter at 80 and 140 Hz
  • Polarity reversal
  • All discrete circuitry
  • XLR mic level inputs and XLR +4 dB outputs in a one-space rack are standard
  • One year rack component Can you buy viagra over the counter in germany
  • Fourteen-day Dapoxetine purchase

From the fine Volks at Neumann in former West Berlin, the same people who gave us so many legendary sounding microphones, preamps, EQ's, and compressors come the PMV 70 microphone preamps. They were the mid-70's predecessors to the Neumann V476B microphone preamp and generally come from vintage broadcast consoles. All circuitry is discrete, living up to the strict German television and radio broadcast standards of the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

The engineers to whom we've sold these have been very impressed every time by their overall smoothness, their ability to tighten-up low-end frequencies, and their amazingly quiet operation. How many vintage preamps have you seen with a signal to noise ratio of 125dB? Please take note of the rather large sized inductors, Haufe input and output transformers, and discrete 0A12 Georg Neumann op-amp shown in the interior picture. The Neumann PMV 70’s were among the first in a long tradition of fine German transistor based broadcast modules. German transistor-based microphone preamplifiers have earned an excellent reputation among studio engineers with modules like the Telefunken V672, Telefunken V676A, Neumann V476B, Siemens 276A, and more. These are no exception to that lineage.

They are really smooth throughout the entire frequency spectrum and are a bit softer towards the realm of a tube micpre with a rounder low-end than their V476B counterparts. High tones sound crisp yet smooth and low frequencies are fuller and tighter and overall they have a gentle yet warm color character. Put these in the signal path and listen to your microphone open up! They will give you a nice bit of color, a lot of definition, and tighten things up all the while adding a little bit of warmth. Their sonic qualities together with 76 dB of gain make them an absolute must-have for ribbon microphone enthusiasts. Using them in correlation with a quality large diaphragm tube-condenser microphone and a tube compressor will provide a very rich, clean, ultra-smooth vocal chain to cut through a thick mix. These are definitely at the top of the line for microphone preamps and a real steal for the price.

Quotes From Other Engineers:

- "The Neumann PMV 70’s are beautiful and I have been tracking overheads with KMS 84’s through them...very clean and warm. Thanks Aaron!"

- "I find the Neumann PMV 70’s nice in tight in the bottom, with a little subharmonics, between 100 and 800 and they are not as silky as a Neve in the highs, but for the money, they are very nice. Awesome build too. The mids are very good too, for guitars, acoustics are better then electric, but again for the money, they are sleepers."

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