SOLD OUT - Two channels racked with internal mains and 48V phantom power supplies.


From the fine Volks at Deutsche Post RFZ (Rundfunk und Fernsehtechnisches Zentralamt - directly translated "Broadcast and Television Technical Central Bureau) in former East Berlin, came the mid-70's KV800 microphone and line preamps. Now I'm sure many of your are asking, "What did the post office have to do with broadcast and television?" In East German society, for historical and political reasons, Deutsche Post, the federal postal service, was not only responsible for delivering the mail but also regulated most if not all communications networks including broadcast transmissions and telephone service. RFZ was the central technological development, research, and production center for broadcast radio and television in former East Germany, and made some pretty fine and unique sounding gear as well. Incidentally, they also made wire-tapping and eavesdropping devices used by the Stasi (Staat Sicherheit - State Security or the East German quasi-version of the CIA) to spy on just about everybody remotely suspicious in the former German Democratic Republic. Most of their designs were based on Telefunken ELA-Technik designs, or were under the supervision or consultation of ELA-Technik engineering designers, the same engineers who designed so many classic Telefunken preamps, EQ's, and compressors.

So how do they sound, you ask? They're nice and solid sounding on the low-end without being dark or muddy and nicely smooth throughout the rest of frequency spectrum with a slight bit of an aggressive presence. Plenty of gain is available for even the lowest of low-output ribbon mics and you can use the line inputs to run your samplers and keyboards through to warm them up a good bit. These come highly recommended on drums and guitars, but work quite well as an all-around preamp.

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