RFT MV810/2


SOLD OUT - Two channels racked with internal mains and 48V phantom power supplies.


  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • Up to 60 dB gain sweepable
  • All discrete circuitry
  • XLR mic level inputs and XLR +4 dB transformer-balanced outputs, 20dB Pad, and polarity reversal in a two-space rack are standard
  • One year rack component warranty and six-month module warranty
  • Fourteen-day satisfaction guarantee

From the fine Volks at RFT (Radio Fernseh Technik - "Radio Television Technology/Engineering), the former East German broadcast technology conglomerate who had their collective hands in almost all things dealing with professional and consumer electronics in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), come the early-70's MV810/2 microphone preamps. These things are extremely rare and along with one other model of preamps that will remain unmentioned, were the flagship preamps for high-end recording in the GDR. Their design was likely overseen by representatives of Telefunken's ELA Technik design and research division in the Hannover area in the mid 70's, many of the same designers responsible for the majority of the classic Telefunken modules (ELA Technik moved from Hannover to Wolfenbüttel in 1974), and likely built by RFZ (Rundfunk und Fernsehtechnisches Zentralamt - directly translated "Broadcast and Television Technical Central Bureau) located in East Berlin, to be released under the conglomerate label RFT.

We were very pleased when we got these in and opened them up. The build quality is absolutely superb and once all necessary capacitors are changed these things are just plain mean- a regular Bad-Mama-Jama of a rock 'n roll mic preamp. Tone monsters they are- big and thick on the low end, rich and warm throughout, yet soft and silky on the top. They are excellent on bass, drums, electric guitars and anything you want to thicken, tighten, and warm-up a bit. These are a great pairing with their RFT V742C line amp counterparts of similar design available for a complete rack.

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